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Film production services.
Managing all aspects of the production process.

We offer a full-house production service in Cyprus providing expert local knowledge on commercials, film and TV, music videos, hybrid conferences, and sports campaigns.

A short film based on Storytelling,


It's important that your voice and story, for all walks of life, are heard and this is a great way to your international brand.

CGI & VFX production
It all starts with goal-setting and recreating the imagined atmosphere and surroundings in the storyboard. To make it happen we look for metaphors or inspirational objects and customize them for the new reality so that they suited the main purpose and conveyed the right message.

Corporate video production
A well-structured, high production value corporate video, is a business' window to the world. With the use of a perfectly balanced product, showcased via the correct digital routes, a business can obtain a great number of new employees and customers. Here at LetMeFilmYou, we always try to find the most creative, impressive, and technical way to produce the right video for business tasks.

Live-Streaming and Hybrid Events
In projects like these, there is that magical moment when the director says: And we are LIVE in 5,4,3 ….
But before we show you how all that went down, we would love to share with you how it all started; through the backstage timelapse of building the setup, connecting everything, performing tests, connections, calibrating the screen, creating the atmosphere, lighting the stage, and picking the right music for breaks and announcements. All the small things that need to be in place beforehand in order for that magical moment to take place and the show to run smoothly.
Stay connected with your audience and business partners through our real-time live-streaming service.

Exceptional Real Estate Video Production
Whether you need a cinematic piece to showcase your new property or a brand video that features your passion and experience in the industry and Increases your sales.
@LetMeFilmYou is the team you need.

With our skills, we are able to capture those unrepeatable moments in a creative, modern and dynamic way. We create emotions!
Series of short films, interviews
We produce original content for broadcasters and brands in the form of short films or series, with high production value
Branded film for your company
Branded video content is a way of delivering an on-point message or mission statement to your target audience or partners.
Music video clips
Focused on the artist.
Music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings.

Product advertisement
Product advertising is the art of building and maintaining product awareness with potential buyers.
A good advertising program educates potential customers on why they need the product.

The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
  • Savvas Baltzis
    Producer & Director
  • Nisso Kaboulova
    Line Producer
  • Evgeni Konasov
    Photographer & Director
  • Denis Pedko
  • Anatoliy Lazarev
    Film Editor
  • Evgenii Bondarenko
    Sound Producer & Sound Designer
Our Clients and Partners
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